Monday, November 09, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures Release (you can hear it Right Now!)

Exclusive for my faithful Bloggers! (all ten of ya...) You can stream the entire TCV release in High Quality from YouTube 8 days before you can actually buy it. Smart marketing IMHO. I would love to see the number as to how many CDs and downloads they sell even though they are essentially giving it away. I mean with a stream catcher....heck what am I saying, it's probably already on the torrent sites. ( I got the email from TCV about 3 hours ago). I am guessing that the type of die-hard fan that already likes QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal will buy it anyway. While this continues to be an evolving marketing plan (giving your music away and then selling it) groups like Radio Head an others have had pretty good success with it.
Anyhoo...Here is the link, It Rocks.

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